Kirsten Kokkin

Kirsten Kokkin’s sculpture captures the power and intensity of movement and the feelings that emanate from it. Though it is classical in nature and design, her sculpture embodies the essence of modernity in its movement and emotion.

Kirsten Kokkin’s work has taken her and her art to many places in the world. After her traditional figurative education at Art Academies in Norway and Sweden, she moved to Pietrasanta, Italy, where she lived and executed several of her large monuments. Her work has also taken her on other extended working trips that include Australia and Austria, where she has left behind a substantial amount of sculptures.

After her move to USA in 1987 she has her main body of public, corporate and private work in Usa and Norway. Today Kirsten Kokkin’s work can be seen in Miami City Ballet FL, Church of Holy Comforter, Kenilworth Ill, Grosse Point yacht Club MI, The Swanson Medical Centre IO, Cherry Creek North, Denver CO and the Peninsula Hotel , Bev. Hills CA. As well as many other places in USA and in Norway. In Norway she is most known for her sculpture JOY that is placed at the grounds of The National Athletes Campus in Oslo. Recently she presented the Pelle Monument at Aker Brygge. The Pelle monument is a memorial over illegal resistance fighters in Oslo during WW2.

Kirsten Kokkin has emphasized a lot of her work on the art of Dance, although in later years she has also taken an associate professorship at National College of Art and Design in Oslo to teach figurative sculpture.

Kirsten Kokkin has a long history as a portrait artists and among many of her accomplishments she has done HRH Crown Princess Martha of Norway, that is placed in Washington DC outside the Norwegian Royal Embassy, and atThe Royal Palace Grounds in Oslo, Norway. She has also done official portraits of 2 prime ministers of Norway and many other dignitaries and public figures.

Today Kirsten divides her time between her studios in Loveland CO and Oslo Norway.