Elections in 2019

This spring the Academy will elect a new rector and prorector, with candidates being both nominated and elected as a pair. Elections will also be held for new internal members of the Academy Board. All of the positions are for four-year terms.

Rector Election

There are no limitations on who is eligible to be elected rector or prorector. A nomination committee has been appointed and will work on finding good candidates. The committee delivered its report on 28 February.

Students and staff can nominate alternative candidates until 14 March. The Candidates must consent to their nomination, and the nomination form must be signed by five eligible voters.

Download nomination form here (in Norwegian).

Announced candidates

Read more about the candidates.

Key dates
Dates What happens
18 February Deadline for proposing candidates to the nomination committee.
22 January–28 February Ongoing announcement of candidates
28 February–14 March Opportunity to propose alternative candidates
21 March at 10:00 Election meeting where the candidates will present themselves. Venue: Hovedscenen
21 March–3 April Early voting
4 April Election day
11 April Run-off election if none of the candidates received over 50% of the first-round votes. Only the top two vote-getters will participate in this election.
Nomination committee
  • Morten Gjelten (leader)
  • Martin Lundell
  • Saskia Holmkvist
  • Øyvind Jørgensen
  • Jan Petterson
  • Toril Carlsen
  • Miriam Sogn
  • Therese Veier
  • Merit Kristiansen
  • Helena Schuback
  • Julie Kristensen
Election board
  • Anna Einarsson (leader)
  • Britt-Heidi Jeanette Hansen (deputy leader)
  • Ingunn Rimestad
  • Sigurd Strøm
  • Stian Grøgaard
  • Hans Hamid Rasmussen
  • Runar Hodne
  • Mattias Hellberg (deputy member: Melanie Kitti)
  • Siren Tjøtta (secretary)

Election of internal board members

Four internal members of the Academy Board – three academic staff and one technical and administrative staff – will be elected to four-year terms.

The dates for nominating and electing the internal board members will be announced sometime in February.

Key dates
Dates What happens
8 April–2 May In this period you can nominate candidates for the election of internal board members. Procudure will be announced.
2 May Nomination deadline
3 May Candidates will be announced on the intranet.
6 May–14 May Early voting
15. mai Election day

Election of student representatives

Two student representatives to the Academy Board will be elected during the first half of the autumn semester. The representatives are elected to one-year terms.

The students nominate the candidates themselves, with the Student Council serving as the election board.

Dates for nominating and electing candidates will be announced no later than 1 September 2019.