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Booklaunch: Anthology – Anatomical Theatre

Welcome to the launch of the publication Anthology - Anatomical Theater. The book is a continuing part of Research Fellow at the Art and Crafts Department, Petrine Vinje's project for the Norwegian Sculpture Biennale in 2013, where she raised the Anatomical Theater in the Vigeland Park, Oslo, with an associated program consisting of lectures, performative works and readings.

Place: Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Hekkveien 4, Oslo.
Time: Friday November 9, 18.00 – 20.00.

Conversation between Petrine Vinje, Artistic Research Fellow at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Helga-Marie Nordby, freelance curator.


Anthology - Anatomical Theater is a compilation of photographs and works of art, essays, articles and poems. The publication is a rich volume that aims to discuss existential issues on the relationship between Body and Mind, both in historical and contemporary perspectives, using the historical room from the 16th century as a platform.

The relationship between technologny, body, mind and the language surrounding these conditions are discussed through texts and artwork that looks upon the human subject, or rather what it means to be human. The Cartesian Dualism, René Descartes obsolete but still recurring theory where the mind has its placement and status separate from the body. This model of understanding the human subject, and the space that was the very birthplace of this theory, is used in the book as a conceptual framework to criticize the subject acting, thinking and defining itself in the present.

Articles as well as personal stories on Neuro-Buddhism, Ashtanga yoga, spiritual confusion and Christian dogmas raises questions on how the contemplative life meets the extrovert, and how Eastern traditions are transmitted to the West through capitalist-oriented and globalized currents.

Through language and art, with the anatomical theater as a platform, the project reflects on the development and history of science, which underlies collective thoughts about the physical and metaphysical teaching of the reasons and principles of existence.

The publication Anthology - Anatomical Theater is in English language (with Norwegian originals) and contains essays, articles and poems written by Martijn van Beek (Associate Professor of Anthropology, CAS, IMC, Aarhus University), Jens Erland Braarvig (Professor, IKOS, University of Oslo), Liv Kristin Holmberg (artist and organist, Berlin), Bruno Laeng (Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oslo), Lars J. Langøien,( Associate Professor, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences), Tom Slevin (Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Southampton Solent University), Espen Stueland (author), Aina Villanger (author), Hanne Ørstavik (author).

The book comes with a rich presentation of photographs and drawings by Petrine Vinje as well as documentation of the installation Anatomical Theater (2013) and Q&A between Vinje and Helga-Marie Nordby (freelance curator, Berlin/Oslo).

Anthology ¬ Anatomical Theater is designed by Sandra Kastl (Berlin) and published by Uten Tittel, Oslo.
Edited by Petrine Vinje
The publication is supported by Arts Council Norway.
The art project Anatomical Theater for the Norwegian Sculpture Biennale 2013 was supported by Fritt Ord, Oslo Municipality and the Visual Artists Remuneration Fund.

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