Research Fellows

Artistic Research Fellows is parallel to other research educations organised as academic PhD programmes.

The programme intends to secure high level artistic research and leads to expertise as Associate Professor. The programme offers a three-year position as Research Fellow to candidates who have completed the highest art education within their subject area.

Most of the Fellows at Oslo National Academy of the Arts are organised by The National Artistic Research Fellowships Programme, but some are financed by the Academy itself.


Ph.d in artistic research

There will be no calls for applications to the Fellowship Programme in Artistic Research in 2017. Read more. The National Academy of the Arts is in the process of establishing a ph.d programme and call for applications will most probably be announced after the turn of the year. If you are interested in application information when available, please register.

For more information, contact Linda Thu

Current Research Fellows


  • Ane Thon Knutsen
  • Birgitte Appelong
  • Camilla Bruerberg

Art and Craft

  • Merete Røstad
  • Katrine Køster Holst
  • Siri Hermansen
  • Geir Tore Holm
  • Franz Petter Schmidt
  • Yuka Oyama

Academy of Fine Art

  • Jesper Alvær
  • Liv Bugge
  • Jan Peter Hammer
  • Ane Graff

Academy of Opera

  • Silje Aker Johnsen

Academy of Theatre

  • Morten Cranner
  • Finn Iunker
  • Tale Næss Lysestøl

Academy of Dance

  • Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
  • Ingri Fiksdal
  • Janne Camilla Lyster

Research Fellow graduates

Yuka Oyama

Yuka Oyama disputerte i 2017. Read more about Yuka Oyamas project.

Geir Tore Holm

Geir Tore Holm disputerte i 2017. Read more about Holms project.

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen disputerte i 2016.

Siri Hermansen

Siri Hermansen disputerte i 2016.

Birgitte Appelong

Birgitte Appelong disputerte i 2016.

Andreas Bunte

Andreas Bunte disputerte i 2016.

Annelise Bothner-By

Annelise Bothner-By disputerte i 2015

Njål Sparbo

Njål Sparbo disputerte i 2014.

Thomas Kvam

Thomas Kvam disputerte i 2014.

Andreas Siqueland

Andreas Siqueland disputerte i 2013.

Ane Hjort Guttu

Ane Hjort Guttu disputerte i 2013.

Marianne Heier

Marianne Heier disputerte i 2013.

Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk

Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk disputerte i 2012

Sara Margrethe Oskal

Sara Margrethe Oskal disputerte i 2010.

Tyra Tønnessen

Prosjekt: "Planlagt intuisjon, bevisste veier til det ubevisste" - en utvikling av Konstantin Stanislavskijs improvisasjonsmetoder.

Tyra Tønnessen disputerte i 2009.

Tone Hansen

Megamonstermuseum: The Art Sphere as a Public Arena

The fellowship project Megamonstermuseum: The Art Sphere as a Public Arena started in 2003 and has aimed to discuss the concept of the public and the changing notion of the public sphere, with the use of the art museum as a specific case study.

Tone Hansen disputerte i 2009.