Jesper Alvær

Research Fellow (Norwegian Artistic Research Programme)
2013-2016: Research Fellow, The Academy of Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2010:2012: Head of the MA Programme, The Academy of Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

2012-2014: European Graduate School EGS (CAGS)
2008-2009: University of Oslo, Development Studies
1997-2004: AVU / Academy of Fine Arts Prague (MFA)
2002-2003: Center for Contemporary Art - CCA Kitakyushu
2000-2001: Cooper Union School of Art, New York
1995-1996: Ecole Paul Brousse, Montpellier
1991-1993: Universitetet of Oslo, Idehistorie

Individual exhibitions:
2014: Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Curator: M. Stjernstedt
2014: Fotograf Gallery, Prague. Curator: J. Ptacek
2011: 0047, Oslo. Space Station/Residence. Curator: S. Martens
2009: Galerie Jeleni, Prague. Curator: D. Lang

Various projects:
2013: Bergen Asssembly 2013, Chto Delat; Border Songspiel. Producer with KORO/Pikene på Broen
2013: Virtual Economic Zone, Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, Gdansk: Liquid Leveling. Curator: K. Szreder
2012: 4+4 Days in Motion Festival Prague (4+4 dny v pohybu), He who laughs; Art About the Artworld
2012: Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo, Panelist; How to work (more for) less: The Precarity of intellectual and creative work
2008: In Situ, Warsaw, Passengers 2; About walls, fences and other more or less visible barriers. Curator: K. Szreder

Representing the Nation (2008-2011)
Transkultura: Akt I (2006) 
Figure and Ground (2006-2011)
Window to the Archive /
Collaboration with Isabela Grosseova