Gianluca Iumiento

Gianluca Iumiento is an Italian actor, theater and film director, and acting coach. He graduated from the Italian national film school, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.

Since 2012, he has worked as the head of the acting department at KHiO where he also teaches classes on acting technique. He led the group of pedagogues that developed the plan of studies for the acting department in 2012.

Iumiento has worked since 2000 as both an actor and a director in several ensemble theaters, festivals, film and TV, while concurrently creating and then curating two acting festivals: the Metodi Festival in Italy and the Oslo International Acting Festival in Norway.

Iumiento’s area of research and competence, Interaction Technique for Theater and Film, is an innovative acting method for actors, directors and playwrights where human interaction is the center of study. Iumiento has participated in numerous conferences and led many workshops at festivals nationally and internationally. Iumiento has also specialized himself in the work between the actor and the camera.