From Research Fellow Ane Thon Knutsen's exhibition Across the Wires, a collaboration with Associate Professor Maziar Raein and type designer Ellmer Stefan.

Do you want to become a Research Fellow at KHiO?

Oslo National Academy of the Arts has openings for Research Fellows from 1 October 2018. Application deadline: 15 March.

(In Norwegian)

Oslo National Academy of the Arts aims to conduct artistic research of international importance that produces new works of art and design, knowledge and offers new perspectives and insights on art and society. Artistic research at Oslo National Academy of the Arts is expected to be innovative, further the professional fields, and based on artistic practice. Research fellowships qualify for artistic, teaching and research positions within higher art education, and for other professional carriers where advanced artistic expertise is needed.

Oslo National Academy of the Arts is part of The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, and the announced positions are initially linked to this programme. Oslo National Academy of the Arts is in the process of establishing its own doctoral degree (PhD) in artistic research. The research fellows will be transferred to this new programme once it has been established.

Currently, Oslo National Academy of the Arts has 21 active research fellows based at all six departments. For 2018 Oslo National Academy of the Arts has 6 vacancies, and invites candidates with strong projects of national and internationally relevance within the following subject areas:

  • Choreography, at the Dance department.
  • Interior architecture and furniture design, at the Design department.
  • Printmaking/drawing, textile, metal/jewellery and art in public spaces, at the Arts and Craft department.
  • Visual art, at The Academy of Fine Art.
  • Exploration of the human voice. Challenges, possibilities, singing techniques and maintenance as related to classical operatic voice, at the Academy of Opera.
  • Theatre (including acting, directing, writing, scenography and dramaturgy), with a preference for projects that contribute to development of discourse at the Academy of Theatre.

The new research fellows will take up the position from 1.10.2018. The applicant must specify what subject area the application refers to. Application deadline 15th of March 2018.

The fellowship position is a three-year full-time educational post with a regular work schedule and terms and conditions that accord with those for state employees of universities and university-colleges. Daily workplace is at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The position's starting salary level is 'level 50': NOK 436 900 per annum before tax, position code SKO 1017, LR20 alt.8.

Requirements for applicants and their applications

Applicants for research fellowships have to document a certain degree and extent of artistic work / artistic research. General applicants are required to have a Master`s degree of relevance to the application. Exceptions to this requirement can be granted provided that documentation of artistic practise demonstrates a similar level of expertise.

Applications must be sent electronically by the deadline 15.03.2018, using the Oslo National Academy of the Art application portal at Apply at

The following supplementary documents are required:

The project description must place the project in an area/research field, and discuss research theme, questions, contexts, methods, and choice of work and presentation form. The project description must contain a progress plan, and account for special needs concerning academic or material resources, possible legal or ethical issues, and potential collaborative institutions or -partners.

Application with attachments can be filed either in a Scandinavian language or in English. All attachments must be electronic and downloadable. Only material submitted by the application deadline will be taken into consideration.

The application will initially be assessed by a committee of professionals from the given department. The most relevant applicants are invited for interviews, and the application will be externally peer reviewed before a decision is reached on what projects are to be selected for the positions.

For more information regarding the artistic fellowship programme please contact Linda Thu, or Therese Veier For specific guidance within the different areas please contact:

Oslo National Academy of the Arts has limited capacity to provide individual guidance in the application process.

For more extensive information please refer to the Guidelines for the Artistic research fellowship programme.

Information meeting

Oslo National Academy of the Arts will organize an open information meeting for applicants Wednesday 31.1.2018 from 5-7 pm in the Auditorium (by the main entrance), venue Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Fossveien 24. Participation in the information meeting is not a requirement for application.

Powerpoint from the information meeting (pdf)

Video recording of the information meeting.